Thursday, March 20, 2014

                            Broken Petals

If I live to be a hundred, and have a hundred press releases to my credit, I will never loose the thrill of seeing my name on one! But the wait! Oh, my! Waiting for a book to hit the shelves is a frustrating process that will test the nerves of the most seasoned author. "When is the book coming out?" That is a question that no doubt authors hear many times as the day draws near, and for me, it always makes me anxious. Waiting to see my work - my imagination in a form I can actually hold in my hands is a thrill like all my birthdays and Christmases rolled into one!

I had that thrill today! An anthology of short stories, Broken Petals, was officially released, and I am proud to have a story in the collection. My story, "Abby's Secret" is a dark tale about childhood. It is the story of a lonely little girl who lives the life 'children are to be seen and not heard,' and because of this unspoken rule, she is forced to give up the  one thing she loves - the one thing in her life she is proud of - without speaking a word.


Wednesday, March 19, 2014
Contact: Jan-Carol Publishing, Inc

New Anthology Features
Appalachia-Inspired Short Stories

Jan-Carol Publishing, Inc, of Johnson City, Tennessee, is proud to announce the release of Broken Petals, an anthology of inspirational short stories. The 14 stories comprise the winning selections from the 2013 contest sponsored by Voice Magazine. The authors represented are Rachel Burdine, Lori C Byington, Rebecca D Elswick, Lisa Hall, April Hensley, Linda Hudson Hoagland, Lynda A Holmes, Jan Howery, Pam Keaton, Rose Klix, Betty Kossick, Gretchen McCroskey, Carolina Major Diaz San Francisco, and Janie Dempsey Watts. These talented writers all have connections to Appalachia even though they now live in various parts of Tennessee, Virginia, Georgia, New England, and the Midwest. Each in its own way, the stories show how personal character, tenacity, and humor emerge and persevere despite hardships and dark times. The narratives intertwine traditional Appalachian teachings and influences with today’s context and challenges.

Publisher Janie Jessee explains, “Hopefully the stories in Broken Petals remind readers that when we accept an outstretched hand, we gain an inner strength that creates a harmony in unity with beauty, compassion, and determination. This is healing, much like when broken flower petals are bound together: they create a bouquet of beauty, sweet fragrance, and originality in the face of uncompromising endurance.

Jan-Carol Publishing, Inc, includes the imprints Mountain Girl Press, Little Creek Books, Express Editions, RoseHeart Publishing, and DigiStyle. Each imprint specializes in a particular genre—from local Appalachian stories to children’s books and more. At JCP, we believe ‘Every story needs a book.’

For more information or to schedule a book signing, call Jan-Carol Publishing, Inc, at 423-926-9983, or visit Follow JCP on Facebook. 

The book is available on Amazon in paperback or Kindle, and at Barnes and Noble in paperback or Nook. Or, you can contact me!


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