Saturday, May 3, 2014

My Day at The Tales of the Lonesome Pine Bookstore

It was a beautiful day to trek over the mountain to Big Stone Gap, Va. The temperature hovered just below seventy and the blooming trees and flowers swayed in the breeze. It was wonderful to have the sun follow me on my journey, like a long lost friend. Memories of the bone chilling winter are still too close to the surface for me! A day like today was just what I needed to renew my spirit.

I made it to my destination, The Tales of the Lonesome Pine Bookstore, before noon. Wendy Welch, who owns and operates the store was celebrating a Spring Authors Fair. I joined local authors, Chrissie Anderson Peters, Adam Lawler, Sylvia Nichols, Claudia Ware, and Mary Ann Artrip.

We spent the day in this beautiful house/bookstore/cafe, chatting with people who wandered through the rooms that are filled with books. My "spot" was at this table under this beautiful quilt.
It was next to windows that looked out over the back of the house. I sat there and enjoyed the breeze wafting in the window, bringing with it the sounds of the neighborhood - dogs barking, cars passing, people outside enjoying the day - while I visited with everyone. Somehow, the people didn't "feel" like customers who were there to buy books, but rather friends coming to visit.

The entire house is filled with books, but the rooms are also "homey" and of course, inviting. It's not unusual to see a cat sunning in front of a window, totally unperturbed by the people looking at books right next to her.

Upstairs, is a cafe where many people came to eat. The rooms set aside for the cafe reminded me of places where I'd dined while I was in Ireland. The entire house seemed to say,      "Come on in! There's room for everyone!"

To say I enjoyed my day at The Tales of the Lonesome Pine is an understatement. There's nothing a book-loving, word-nerd likes better than a bookstore filled with kindred wordsmiths. I even got to talk about writing and publishing with them.

But all good things must come to an end, and the day flew by. When I got in my car to leave, I looked back at the store and watched people linger on the porch. They were obviously enjoying each others company and of course, they were carrying books. It made me smile. Then I saw a man bend over and pet a big fluffy cat lounging in the yard. I watched while he hefted it up, talking away to him?her? I laughed and drove away, promising myself that I would return soon to the little bookstore in the big house.

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