Sunday, October 21, 2012

Must Have Dogs IV

Diva Dog

She has many aliases. Mrs. Winterbottom; Queen Fattiness; Sissy Girl Dog; and my personal favorite – the Fun Police. Her name is simply, Molly and she is a nine year old West Highland White terrier. Molly has the distinction of being our only female pet. She has three male counterparts but make no mistake, Molly is the BOSS of our canine family. 

Molly eats first and enjoys as much as she wants. The boys stand back and let her eat from their bowls, if she so desires. She sleeps on our bed and decides who, if any of her “brothers,” she allows on the bed with her. 

Molly supervising the building of a snowman.
Of all our dogs, Molly is the one who loves to bark. She is the “announcer” in the family. When all four of them are outside, Molly makes it her job to keep an eye on the boys. If they stray too far off, she barks until they come back. If I step outside, Molly barks as if announcing “Mama’s outside.” At bedtime, if one of the boys stays outside after the others come in, we tell Molly to go out and “bark him in” which she does with relish, bolting out the door in full bark. Her signature bark is her “Woo-Woo,” which she will do on command, that is if SHE wants to.

On Christmas morning, Molly makes it clear to Moe which toys she wants to play with.
Playtime can be quite an event when all four dogs get involved. They have various toys and no matter what the boys choose to play with; Molly decides THAT is the one she wants. If she is able to snatch it away, she grandstands by walking slowly and deliberately all around the room with her tail held straight in the air and her head lowered. When one of the boys approaches her, she whisks around, a blur of white fur and sets off in the opposite direction. When the boys lose interest in her game of keep-away and choose another toy, Molly decides she doesn’t want the toy she is guarding after all, and, you guessed it, sets out to claim the one that is now being played with.

Would I change her (if I could)? Absolutely not. She is  the funniest little dog with a huge PERSONALITY! She can be stubborn, ignoring my calls to come inside. I swear there are times I hear her thinking, "You have got to be kidding. I am not doing that!" But I can't imagine what it would be like without her.