Sunday, January 2, 2011

That's Alright. It's time.

There's something so precious about the early morning quiet. There's no other time of the day like this. Right now the sky is turning from black to gray, and somewhere outside, my dogs are having their morning run. This is the last day of my "Christmas vacation." Tomorrow I go back to the world of "Ms. Elswick's" "Can I (not May I) borrow a pencil?" And the most important question of the day for a teacher, "What's for lunch?" But that's alright. It's time.

My daughter goes back to Morehead State Univ. today to prepare for her first day of student teaching. Tomorrow she embarks on a new world - music teacher. Pride swells inside of me and I am "fit to bust." In some ways, she has trained for this day since the sixth grade when she picked up her flute for the first time. She is going to be an amazing teacher! She has chosen my profession, which for me was the only choice. For 31 years I have called myself teacher, and I am proud to do so. It is who I am as much as I am a wife, mother, and writer. For her it's alright. It's time.

The sky is lighter now. It has become the color of pearls. The trees leaning against the sky look like black matchsticks. I am happy to see the ground again, since the blanket of snow is gone - at least for now. I admit freely, that I love the snow. I love the seasons and expect them to behave, and be cold in winter and hot in summer, and well, you get the idea. But I also love the days of reprive when a taste of spring intrudes on winter, and a hint of fall splashes on summer, but I'm sure the cold and snow will return soon. That's alright. It's time.

Good-bye 2010. It was a year of ups and downs, but that's life. Isn't it? 2011 begins now like the new day I've watched break outside my window. I welcome it with hope. I do not make resolutions. I've lived long enough to know that doesn't work for me. Instead, I look at each day of the new year like Anne Shirley in Lucy Maud Montgomery's beloved book "Anne of Green Gables" - Isn't it wonderful to have a new day without any mistakes in it yet?"

That's alrlight. It's time.

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