Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Snow. It sparkles in the sun – a blinding light that holds no warmth. I shiver and drop my eyes to escape the brightness. What is that poking through the snow? I brush it away and discover a maple leaf. The autumn transformed it from green to a coffee colored brown, a stark contrast to the silvery white of the snow. I pull it free of the snow’s grasp and hold it up to the sunlight. It is still intact with perfect points and a stem. It feels like paper in my hand. I hold it aloft and twirl it around.

Suddenly, it isn’t winter anymore.

I stand on the mountain. The world under me is a kaleidoscope of colors. Pale green ferns snuggle close to the mountainside. Lime colored moss decorates the rocks. Greedy vines claim the rest of the hillside, their dark green fingers clutching at every tree and rock. Splashes of red, yellow, and orange mingle with the green like candies in a gumball machine. I walk down the mountain. The smell of the earth rises up from my steps - sweet and moist. It whispers secrets of another time when the earth was new. Creatures appear and disappear. A number of them fly, others slither, and some seem to dance for me. I reach the bottom of the mountain and the canopy of green over my head bursts into sky. A spoonful of clouds, too lazy to move, rests against the blue. I shiver in the warmth of the sun.

Winter can’t last forever.

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