Monday, December 27, 2010

A Thoughtful Gift

What did you get for Christmas?

From now until the holiday season fades away, that will be a popular conversation starter for everyone. But should the question be - did you accomplish the feat of finding the perfect gift for everyone? Did anyone give you the perfect gift?

For months before Christmas, finding the perfect gift(at the right price) is on the minds of thousands as they decend upon shopping centers, malls, and the ever popular Walmart. And don't forget all the places to shop in cyberspace! Surely, with all those possibilities, it can't be that difficult to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list.

I can't say if I bought the perfect gift for everyone on my list. I can say that I honestly gave it my best shot. I know for certain that my four dogs were thrilled with their chew bones and new squeaky toys. I can also say that I was thrilled with all of my gifts - especially the new laptop my husband gave me. It was a much needed and much appreciated gift, since my now "old" machine was indeed as old as the hills. I was truly happy he strayed from the ever popular jewelry this year (he has a knack for getting me perfect jewelry)and went the practical route.

Indeed, the computer was a thoughtful gift, but it still wasn't the most thoughtful gift I received. What was it? What gift sits at the top of my list as the most thoughtful?


Homemade, gluten free cookies.

My dear sister-in-law, Jan, searched for the best gluten free cookie recipe, then made what amounted to three large ziplock bags full of cookies, packed them up and brought them all the way from Chicago to me. Since this was my first holiday since being diagnosed with Celiac disease, I was thrilled to have a "real" desert that I could eat while everyone else was consuming all the Christmas goodies. Those cookies were indeed the most thoughtful gift I received this Christmas. To know that she wanted me to have my own Christmas cookies touched my heart. In my book, those cookies were the most thoughtful gift I received.

Oh, one more thing - she did give me another more commercial gift! (Also much appreciated) And I have two of the three bags of cookies left in my freezer where I can take them out "as needed."

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