Monday, March 14, 2011

How Can You?

How can anyone take a life?
How can a man take a husband from his wife?
How can he take a father away from his children?
How can anyone snuff out a life over a car?

A car.

A pile of metal.
That could at anytime crash into nothingness.
That wears down and rusts leaving nothing but ugliness that no one wants anymore.

Is that worth a life?

How can one man shoot another in the back?
The coward's way.
In the days of the knights, he who stabbed another in the back would have been killed for the shame he brought on his family.

How can a man take the life of one who has his whole life ahead of him?
To laugh.
Hold his newborn baby.
Dance at his daughter's wedding.
How can a man destroy tomorrow?

It is forbidden to take what is not yours.
To take goodness out of the world and replace it with your fury and blackness.
To leave them alone with no one left to love, only to grieve and ask why?
Their angst means nothing to you.
You who died for a car.

A car.

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