Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dealing with Celiac's Disease

I get so frustrated sometimes that I could cry. I actually burst into tears in the grocery store once. It was the fourth week and the qluten free shelf still had no bread, and they had precious little anyway. It's what a person dealing with Celiac's disease has to face on a daily basis, and living in a small town with only one grocery store compounds the problem. Talking to the managers about ordering more products, or at least keeping in stock what they carry, has fallen on deaf ears.

I hate having to explain why I eat a gluten free diet, but I do when people think I'm following the latest diet fad. I tell them that eating gluetin free is a choice I didn't make because I wanted to, but because I had to, but what I don't tell them is somewhere in my psyche I am still furious with myself. I feel like my body has not only betrayed me, but is attacking me.

That's why I love to see an article about eating gluetin free that points to its many benefits to the body. I have attached the link for those who are interested in Celiac's disease, eating gluten free, or want to learn more about what they put in their bodies.
Is Gluten Making Us Fat?

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