Sunday, September 9, 2012

Must Have Dogs!

I have 4 dogs. No, that’s not a typo – I really do have four: a Cairn terrier, West Highland white terrier (Westie), Boxer, and my latest acquisition, a Beagle. 

Boo Radley
I did have five dogs, and if you read my previous post “A Farewell to Jack,” then you know he was run over by the garbage truck. I still miss him every day and I will never ever forget him.


Molly and Murphy
The Jack Russell and Beagle I rescued from a shelter. The Westie I bought from a breeder, and the Cairn terrier I bought at a pet store – something I don’t intend to ever do again. But today, I want to talk about Moe, the boxer.

I purchased Moe from a breeder. When I found him, he was the only dog in the litter that hadn’t been purchased. What I didn’t know then was that because Moe was solid white, he was seen by many people as an impurity in the breed and for that reason, he wasn’t wanted. I learned that breeders often put them down, a fate I couldn’t imagine! 

I still see him, all alone in that big cardboard box that had held five brothers and sisters, looking at me with such curiosity! When I picked him up, his body melted into mine. I took him home and he became a member of our family.

Life with a boxer has been an amazing adventure! Remember, I had never had a large dog before. And Moe quickly became a LARGE dog! Everything about Moe was large – his muddy paw prints, his appetite, the food and water that dripped from his mouth when he ate, and most of all, his heart. Moe is the kindest, the most loving dog I have ever known. Moe loves everyone, including other dogs. 

He loves to sit in your lap, yes, sit in your lap! Or if he can't get in your lap, he enjoys sitting down on your feet and laying against your legs while you pet him. He also likes to "box" you, especially when he wants you to pet him. He loves to play and his favorite "toy" is Boo, our beagle. He and Boo are best friends and romp and play with absolute abandon! They chase each other and love to get a toy and play tug-a-war with it. 

Loyal to a fault, Moe is indeed a rare breed, not because white boxers are unusual, but because he is truly a wonderful dog.

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