Saturday, June 23, 2012

Just how Southern are Y'all?

I saw this on Facebook and had to share it with y'all. At first I smiled, then nodded in agreement, and then laughed out loud!

Women throughout the South have "blessed the hearts" of many people while extolling their short comings such as, "Louise sure has put the weight on, bless her heart." Because you see, adding "bless her heart" cancels out the fact that you are trashing Louise or "talking that trash." In fact, by adding "bless her heart" you are showing how much you care about poor Louise and her weight problem.


And yes, I do know where yonder is and I even know the distance of a "fer piece, a ways off, and off." "Off" is how we southerners explain where someone who is not from the south lives, as in "He's from off."


In the South we eat baloney, not bologna, and we "drank" sweet tea. We even fry that baloney and add our sugar to the whole jug of tea when it's fresh made. We'd never think of handing a visitor a glass of tea and a sugar bowl! We also like lots of ice in our tea. None of that lukewarm stuff for Southerners.


I must also admit to piddling around. Yes, I am guilty, but I get it honest from my mama who got it from her mama.  My mama can open a drawer looking for a particular item, and an hour later the entire contents of the drawer are spread out on the bed and she's completely forgotten what she was looking for in the first place. I suffer from this same disease, and often go upstairs to get something only to come back downstairs an hour later empty handed, but by crackies I dusted the bedroom!


At the grocery store I do indeed put my items in a buggy. I may insist the bag boy put my frozen foods in a paper poke, and if I forget the sugar, I make my son go fetch it while I stand in line at the check-out. In my buggy you might find some chicken, squash, potatoes, and meal to make cornbread with, and every one of those items is going to be fried! And of course, we'll have ice-cold sweet tea to drank!



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  2. "Bless his heart" and "bless her heart" are really handy phrases because they say it all without openly saying anything.

    Gee, I didn't know anyone in any part of the country actually said "Buh-loge-nuh."